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Not sure what to order? Below are some of our favorite Melaleuca products.

Cleaning & Laundry Products


Sol-U-Guard Botanical® 2x Disinfectant

This EPA-registered botanical disinfectant, powered by thyme oil and citric acid, kills over 99.9% of common household germs—no caustic chlorine bleach or ammonia required. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Sol-U-Mel® 3-in-1 Cleaner

Powered by Melaleuca Oil, this beloved cleaner and deodorizer removes dozens of stains you thought would never come out, saving you costly cleaning, repairs, and replacements. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Lemon Brite® Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Powered by biodegradable, naturally derived grease-cutting agents, this ultra-concentrated dish detergent quickly breaks down food to save you scrubbing time at the sink. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Clear Power® 12x Glass Cleaner

This money-saving 12x super-concentrated cleaner, powered by plant-derived cleaning agents instead of caustic ammonia, leaves mirrors, windows, and stainless steel spotless with no harsh fumes or residues. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Rustic Touch® Furniture Polish

Rustic Touch cleans, conditions, and protects your wood, leather, and vinyl surfaces. The brilliant shine you loved from the original formula is back, providing protection against scratches and moisture using carnauba wax, the best and hardest natural wax. View on Melaeuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Tub & Tile™ 12x Bathroom Cleaner

With the natural cleaning power of lemons (citric acid) and plant-derived glycolic acid, this 12x super-concentrated bathroom cleaner melts away soap scum and hard water stains with minimal scrubbing and no harsh fumes or abrasives. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


MelaMagic® Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Made to tackle the greasiest, grimiest messes indoors and out, this heavy-duty cleaner provides industrial-strength cleaning power without caustic ammonia or chlorine bleach. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Regular MelaPower® 9x Detergent

Super-concentrated laundry detergent that easily lifts stains and smells amazing. It uses safer ingredients (no chlorine bleach here!), reduces plastic waste and is more affordable per wash. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.

Personal Care


Sei Bella Beauty Essentials Pack

A special offer available to new members only, the Sei Bella Beauty Essentials Pack is the perfect way to upgrade your beauty routine and get gorgeous glowing skin, all at a significant savings. View on Meleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Luxury Glycerin Bath Bar 3-Pack

Your choice of three French-milled bars with naturally derived aloe vera and glycerin that come in many invigorating scents. View on Meleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Sei Bella Vitamin C Defense and Repair Treatment Serum

A concentrated blend of actives defends against external irritants and damage while repairing visible signs of aging including discoloration and dark spots. View on Meleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Sun Valley® Liquid Hand Soap 3-Pack

Delight in hand soap that leaves your skin soft, clean and fragrant. Pick your favorite 3 liquid hand soaps and save! View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Sei Bella Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes

These ready-to-use cleansing wipes are all about ease—whisking away makeup, dirt, and other impurities in one quick step. Plus, they’re formulated with a nourishing blend of botanicals such as aloe and cucumber to moisturize and condition the skin. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Breath-Away Essential Oil Mouth Rinse

Breath-Away® Essential Oil Mouth Rinse cleans and freshens breath with a unique blend of six essential oils. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.


Alloy Sandalwood & Amber Eau de toilette

The top notes are green and bright: Italian bergamot, lime, crisp green apple, and floral petitgrain. Cinnamon, cypress, and neroli hold the line in the middle—rooted in sandalwood, amber woods, vanilla, and musk. View on Melaleuca.com | Melaleuca Canada.